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Pet furniture is mainly made of solid wood with fine core boards, which is not easy to deform.

Use paint-free and scratch-resistant boards,Optional zero-formaldehyde sheets.

Liandai Import and Export


​Anti-scratch pet door

Use hard-to-scratch veneer wooden doors (multi-color/wood grain).

Size: Customized size

The pet doors all use the British brand Dog Mate​ (large/medium/small)

pet doorOverall dimensions (length x width x height):   

 L 23*25*5cm   

 M 19*20*5cm   

 S 19*20*2cm

Inner door dimensions (length x width x height):          

L 20*20*5cm      

M 16*16*5cm    

S 16*16*2cm


​Enclosed cat toilet

Easy to clean and difficult to scratchfine coreveneer

(Multiple colors available)

Size: M/L/Customized size

M: 700Lx350Dx600Hmm

L: 900Lx400Dx70Hmm

Can be customized to specified sizes

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