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Interior design 3D drawing service

VR 360° design|Single 3D picture

VR 360° 設計案例

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I'm Katrina

The company's customer base is mainly design companies, designers, and engineering companies.

Generally, unless you have a certain understanding of interior decoration projects, we offers a referral of a designer to serve you.

Our designers have extensive experience and professional skills. While ensuring that the renderings are highly realistic, they are able to create a design that is unique and consistent with your style based on your needs and preferences. Our designers will work closely with you to ensure your every design need is met.

We do have a very strong and professional drawing team, and we currently cooperated and collaborated with many designers, design house as well as architect firms for many years. Our customers are located in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Greater China and also overseas.

Ensure on-time delivery and reliable credit.


  • 平面圖

  • 房子高度

  • 樑柱位置尺寸

  • 門窗尺寸




1. 3D drawing modification:

Our company will first let you confirm the scene perspective and fixed decoration style, and modify it 3 times for free.
After your scene styling is confirmed, we will select the furniture and accessories for you, or our company can also help you select and configure the furniture and accessories.

After confirmation, the low-resolution image will be displayed first to confirm that the rendering job has been completed.

2. After the balance is paidProvide high-resolution large image size of 2500X1100 quality and printable A3 size or completeVR 360° link file
Allows you to modify the material color and change the furniture style. The number of free times is 3Limited to times.

If the fixed decoration style is changed after rendering, additional fees will be charged. If the number of modifications is exceeded, the modification fee will be determined depending on the scope of modifications and will be quoted separately.

[MAX only provides image files. Original model files cannot be provided]

If you need higher resolution images, please inform us in advance. Fees will be charged.

3. Customized furniture molds

If your request must be exactly the same as the brand furniture or lighting accessories you specified, and our company does not have such a 3D model, please ask your furniture manufacturer to provide a 3D model file. Generally, the more well-known brand furniture or building materials manufacturers will provide it. Such service.
If it cannot be provided and requires additional modeling and drawing, additional modeling fees will be charged.

4. Photo retouching

Please mark the changes directly on the drawing. You can use a photo drawing APP or a small painter. You can also print it out and modify it directly with a pen. After taking a photo, send it to the contact group. Please do not use the phone to describe it verbally, or just use text to describe it. Change the picture to avoid incomprehensibility or lack of records, resulting in missed modifications. The number of modifications cannot be determined, which delays time and causes trouble for both parties.

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